Austins Over Australia 2003 Ballarat Victoria
A40 Jensen Sports
A40 Tourers
A40 Tourer
A40 Tourers
A50s A60s A90s
A70 Hereford and Hampshires
A90 Atlantics
1950s Austin RV
A40 Countryman
D series Austin Princess and Sheerlines
A40 Devons
Ex BMC General Manager's Princess limousine
A40 Farina
Joe & Maureen Vavra - Princess Limo work in progress restoration
A Sheerline dash
Very rare Nash Metropolitan
A125 DS1 Sheerline
Somerset with teardrop caravanette
The tappet cover derby ramp
A40club Tappet cover derby entries
very creative
what imagination
What a rig Jimmy
Novel use of CDs
The field of entrants
ready steady --- GO !!!
Bev - Pete - Maureen Easter Bonnet parade
Bashful Maureen Easter Bonnet Parade
Maureen and Anne Easter Bonnet Parade